Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Debbi's Bath Salts

As holiday's approach, we are always looking for those nice little gifts to have on hand, when unexpected guests drop in. Everyone, including men, like the occasional tub-soak and most men do not really get into a "tub full of bubbles"!

With winter approaching, and of course, flu season rearing it's ugly head, 2000 mg's of "C", a Eucolyptus bath, and a warm mug of your special brewed tea will put you on the road to recovery fast.

Before you get started you need to have on hand the following:

1 large glass or wooden bowl (salad bowl's work great)
1 box of Kosher Salt (That's salt blessed by the Rabbi, for increased healing)
1 box of Canning Salt or regular table salt
1 box of Baking Soda
Food Coloring
Scented Oils
Bath Salt Jars or Plastic Bags (Mason Jars work, plus they can be decorated!)

To begin with, I usually mix 2 parts canning or regular salt to 1 part Kosher and 1 part soda.
Mix the salt and soda together, blending with your hand thoroughly. Always, when blending the salt, to coin a phrase from J.M. Barrie of "Peter Pan" fame, "Think Happy Thoughts"! In other words, if you are having a bad day, the JW's have infiltrated your neighborhood and interrupted your schedule all morning, the neighbor's dog has turned over your trash and telemarketers have declared open season on you....postpone blending your salts. Whatever type of energy you are projecting will of course, find it's way into the salts. Now if you are making salts for the crabby old lady down the street.....blend at your own risk! Remember whatever you do comes back to you, three times and sometimes seven times!

After blending the salts thoroughly, add the color. Preferably, the best rule of thumb when mixing the color is add a few drops and blend thoroughly until you reach the desired shade. The more you work with the colors, you will figure out how many drops to achieve your desired color effect.

When you have tinted the salt your desired shade, it's time to add the scented oil. This will also take some practice to acheive the desired fragrance. Remember, always add more scent, although it may appear to be strong at first, it will be in a closed container or bag until usage, and you want the scent to permeate your bath.

Before packaging the finished salt, give it some drying time, especially if you have added scent that has dampened the mixture. Just let it air dry for little while. This will scent your home as well, so be prepared!

My favorite bath salt is Eucolyptus and I use pure 100% Eucolyptus Oil which I have located at Walgreens Drug Store. This is something that they keep behind the counter in the pharmacy, and you have to request it. The cost is about $13.00 for a 4 oz bottle and a little goes a long way.

You can experiment with your own colors and fragrances, and obtain the glass bottles you see above in your local Dollar Store.

The salts make perfect gifts for any occasion and to add a special touch, use colorful gift bags, add a candle, a couple of herbal tea bags and create a note with a special affirmation or poem.

It's a perfect gift for a new Mom's arrival from the hospital, for a bridal shower, Mother's day and Father's day! Use your imagination and personalize to be effective!

You can also add a "Mini-Bottle" of Couversier Brandy to the bag for that special man in your life! Be Creative, Have Fun!!

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