Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My Bread Machine

Yard sales are strictly American as Apple Pie! Sure, you have to get up early, and weed through all of the junk, but every once in awhile you will run across
a treasure. An inside family joke here is "One man's junk is another man's treasure"! My Dad said it to me, and I've handed it down to my boys.
Last summer on a saturday morning, I was enroute to BiLo to do some grocery shopping and decided to cut through a neighborhood yard sale. This was
not just any yard sale, it was an entire community effort and I had to park nearly two blocks away, due to the crowd.
As I browsed over all of the items for sale, I ran across a most unusual item....A Bread Maker! It was in the original package and when I inspected, it was like
For $5.00, I walked away with a "Regal Kitchen Pro Bread Machine"! When I got it home, although it looked as if it had never been used, I cleaned it and made
my first loaf of bread. Seemed easy enough, heck, I didn't even have to knead, push, pull just did it all! Fantastic and the bread was delicious.
My breadmaker is really an awesome kitchen tool, as it takes the "work" out of making bread, and the list of possibilities are endless...from Cloverleaf rolls,
French Loaves, German Pumpernickel, Cinnamon Raisin, Pumpkin, and of course basic white bread!

So it's bread time!

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