Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Frying Chicken For Those Above The Mason Dixon Line

A Fried Chicken Aficianada I'm not, but as a direct descendant of one of the finest Southern Chefs to ever whistle dixie in North Carolina, consider myself an expert on the fine art of Faire frire Le Poulet.

Inasmuch as modern cooking technology has advanced with the "Deep Fryer" and "Fry-Daddy", the only true way to do the "Great" thing is with a "Tried In The Fire" black cast-iron skillet. This is one item that every kitchen should not be without, and honestly, more than one in different sizes and shapes, is the "bomb"!

Don't even mention "Shake & Bake" to an expert Poulet Le Frire! Just think of that "Commercial" when you get the urge to take a culinary short-cut!

The following recipe is pretty standard and it's also versatile, meaning that it can be converted to "Smothered Chicken" very easily. This was a best-seller at my fathers restaurant for many, many years. Let's get that black skillet out, fire up the stove and Fry some Chicken!!!

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